Personal Development

Show the world what you're good at
Try harding life just like csgo
Turn your idea to a credible business Without Code
Accountability partner workout
Ebook Livre de Boylixo
Ebook about relationships created for and by the community.
COVID-19 Journal Prompts
Generator of ideas to write about your pandemic experience
A marketplace for local courses and workshops
Learn mandarin
Learn basic mandarin by the end of the year
Journey to become an international DJ and producer
Clan Latam Blog
Content for founders of growth-stage startups in Latam
An easy-to-use and easier-to-commit to daily journal
Life of a climber
Stuff related to life.
Make & Graft blog
A blog where I write about working online & project updates.
Always Be Learning
Personal professional development goals
Rho School
Free & open alternative to Lambda School.
Put your money where your mouth is. Then earn it back.
A human assistant to keep you accountable and consistent.
Cut and Paste
A creative co-living and co-working week
Amateur Boxing
Trying to beat people up for fun
Becoming a deep learning expert
I will become a deep learning expert in 2020