Audience Building
build an audience to deliver value
9th Circle
Project hub
^ Skeptical Audio
A blog for audiophilia.
Home and Car Maintenance Manager
The Corporation As Shadow
Essays on business, governance and profit.
^ CircleNotify
Desktop notification system
An app to help you know when you should leave for somewhere.
Spicy Video Chat
Experimental expressive video conferencing
Ethical Analytics
Web analytics without the data warehousing.
A searchable map of developers by skills
A financial progress tracker
Mute all unnecessary voice
Adagio is the CRM for the working musician
Slack bot that helps you find users with similar interests
A virtual 3d tour creation service
^ On Remaining Sane in Insane Systems
A patient's and carer's guide to psychiatry.
^ MixAV
Lightweight audio-visual streaming system
^ Lewis Builds Dumb Things
An index of unusual hardware things I've built.
^ Dimension P2P
Peer-to-peer chat and file transfer system.
^ enginezero
Unified 2.5D sector game engine.
^ Tengu
3D vehicle warfare game.
Sumbee Leads
generate qualified leads out of thin air
Do No Harm
A medical information smartcard.
Let's Build a Spaceship
A guide to absurdly ambitious personal projects.
WolfFly - Departure
An album of various original songs written over time.