Kristin C

can I change my usernames

Yuko Fukushima

Is there any way to open US bank for non-US residents?

Ang J

is there an alternative to revolut for US peeps?

Zaheer Baloch

What are the salaries of a Scrum Master that you have seen in your teams if one existed for your team?

Alex Kluew

Would you pay to watch if I record my interview coding challenges live?

Adriaan 🇳🇱 @ Amsterdam

Is it possible to hide the user's IP address from a tracking script?

Pete Codes

What should I do with my Go Fucking Buy It list of SaaS products?

Avi Aryan

What are good books/resources to learn from that can make up for an MBA?

Jill Binder

Best day of the week to launch on Product Hunt?

Corey Gwin

Best way to queue or thread CPU intensive tasks so Node server doesn't crash?

Harry Dry

Is it possible to autoreply everytime someone tweets?

Samarth Jajoo

what do you use to send email notifications simply and for free?

Daniel C

Should I link to landingpage from mainpage


What has your experience been with freelancers from Toptal, 99designs or Dribble?

Luis Del Giudice

What's a good way to encourage users to share in social media?

Yuko Fukushima

Is it possible to receive encrypted notifications from Wordpress?

Logan Honeycutt

has anyone built any tools/etc for WIP other than the “new tab” extension? i would love to see something similar to trello for WIP tasks

Logan Honeycutt

should i use WP multi site when building with two themes and sub domains or seperate them?

Pug Pugson

What’s a side project you’d like to do but don’t have the necessary skills or time to do it?

Zach Hudson

What did you do when someone else (or another team) launched a very similar platform to the one you were building?

Zaheer Baloch

whats the prototyping that will also give me html/css exports? invision app? marvel?

Samarth Jajoo

How do you make simple logos?

Alex Kluew

Are there unjquery editors or tools? Paste and replace old jquery with vanilla?

Logan Honeycutt

im looking to find a service that can act as an embed/link preview “database” for curating content/links… ex: any more ideas?

Guillaume Besson - Geekuillaume

How do you backup your database?