Torus Andrey

Do you have something that you hate on some web services, apps, etc?

Gabriel Chuan

are there any general guidelines for designing your personal website for building your personal brand?


Is there a nativefier for mobile apps?

Michal B

I'm launching on Product Hunt in 26 hours and 9 minutes. Any last minute advice?


Which are the advantages of incorporating in Singapore vs USA/Europe?

William Montel

Is there any way to verify the number of subscribers to my mailing list ( as selling point for advertisers ) ?


Now that YQL was discontinued a few months ago, do you guys knows about a good alternative?

Logan Honeycutt

what do you think is a fair price for a high quality ebook?

Jason Mazza

Looking for web framework recommendations for a browsable retail merchant database? backend is google cloud firestore.

Austin Grandt

How big is your email list? What was your best tip for growing and monetizing it?

Gabriel Chuan

does anyone know of any banks for startups that transact internationally (multi currency can be very expensive with conversions)?

Alex Kluew

anyone using

Yuko Fukushima

Is there any privacy friendly emoji .ws domain (e.g. 🚧❀️.ws) registrar? **Except Godaddy**


How many of you feel like this ?

Ang J

what kind of big problems do you face as an indie developer?

Ryan Hefner

Feedback Wanted: Pricing page for Optimize Toolset

Logan Honeycutt

I'm looking for someone who has experience in creating high quality e-books πŸ‘‹

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

Post photo of where you put your WIP sticker #wip


How to get Twitter accounts of different companies?

Ang J

what courses do you sell?

Ang J

Freelancers, how do you bill your clients and how do they pay?


python question: how get output python subprocess ?ΒΏ

Mohammad Emran

What do think about the viability of a book focused on enteprise software development using Laravel?


What do you think about a regular video group conference for makers, where everyone can practice pitching his product?

Adim Ofunne

How does someone Launch on Very silly question but I cant seem to find any info