Anyone looking for a dev? Would πŸ’– a referral; lookin for a new 🏑

Related to and my resume @ thank you πŸŽ‰ in advance

Already referred you to my buddy Oskar. He's looking for a Rails/Node guy.

If you're open to freelancing gigs I'd love to delegate some dev work for WIP and a few other products…

@marckohlbrugge, for you, we can definitely work something out πŸ€— but yeah I am looking for something permanent or contract based. I am open to 3 month trials if that makes hiring me a sweeter deal.

@getaclue how come you have a new job every month? Were those actually freelance/contract gigs?

I might have needs in a similar vein to Marc

what do you mean @swizec πŸ€— been at this place for little while now

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