Do you think that Twitter is getting better? worse? same as 2 years ago?

I think that it is getting better while Facebook is getting worse, mainly because of the content i.e following your friends back home != following interesting content πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It's tricky to distinguish between Twitter itself and my experience as a user. My following has grown quite a bit which does really change the way you experience the service. (In both positive and negative ways).

Overall though, I'd say I've been getting more and more value out of it over the years.

First, They need to filter out those spam bots and inactive handles. That would be 15% of all accounts.

Much better, my favorite social platform

For me no. I quit it about a year ago due to the constant political outrage.

A few months ago I restarted my newsletter and signed up for Twitter again in order to be able to do curation of content. Since the introduction of filters it initially seemed much better as I could filter out a lot of the outrage tweets, but over time I realised there was enough slipping through to mar the experience.

Have stayed off it for the past 3 weeks and life is much calmer again. Only use Buffer to post tweets related to the newsletter, but pretty much ignore any user engagement, so I do not need to sign into Twitter.

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