Does anybody still use the Station mac app since its launch? If so, how frequent?

You mean this one?
Not used, will give it a try.

Haha, yes that one! Let me know how it goes 🤔

First impression; Great idea, but why is it 342 MB? That is huge.
Nice splashscreen, but why only via Google?

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 14.40.24.png


Yes, i use it everyday, its really convenient for me to check quickly my different email inboxes + i have slack channels that i dont use much but were people can still ping me + fast access to some app like analytics, drift, airtable + also whatsapp which is also convenient since i dont use much but can get message there.

So yeah, i use it for my emails, to have one place for all the communication app that i dont use often, and access to app i forgot about a little bit to often.

Mmm, I see! It's mostly for connivence of communication without going directly to the browser then. Ok thanks Marc :)

No I used it. Its awesome but I had to do something that I don't remember now that I had to ditch it.

Use it daily. All my chat, email, and basic work apps. Convenient when you have multiple channels and applications you need to check without having a million windows and to quickly switch.

I couldn't put everyone on it so it became another window. I now only see it on boot since I keep forgetting to turn off autolaunch before closing it. It seems like a great app but just didn't work for me.

Tried it for a day. Couldn't get used to it and it's mad heavy for an electron app.

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