Help me out, 🔥 roast tell me what sucks!

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Oh, one thing: The landing page is nearly finished but, the videos you can see on the panel (desktop) are going to have a clear indicator that they are clickable and have a smaller video in the corner of the video of me explaining what is actually happening.

🌏 Serial maker URL for ppl who wanna click

🌏 Serial maker

I love the landing. I'd go with pricing like $49 not $40. Also don't sell in Euros, sell in USD, that's int'l default. Regardless how it arrives in your account.

Dev, maker, banana bread baker.

Ah the euro thing was kind of an accident but it's not possible to change it trough Gumroad (and creating a new one would make the license check fail). I will probably change this later on (due to long verify times of the Chrome web store). Appreciate the feedback!