how do you manage your tasks? Stickers, trello or something. If trello, how do you arrange columns?

self promotion incoming 👉I use, of-course, 🤷‍♂️I split all of my things that are in my head into projects... to keep all thoughts under a similar context and I use tags to separate within the project (good ideas, things to look at, future things). I've been thinking about productivity every day all day ever since starting the app and at this point in time I am of the mind that it doesnt really matter what tool you use BUT to actually practice it. Every day. for every task. Have something in your mind? Don't keep it there... note it. One of the challenges I'm noticing is you can fall into a trap of just throwing EVERYTHING into "Inbox" or whatever and thinking that is enough... but you can come into a problem where you get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there. So the solution is to use strategy and apply it methodically EVERY DAY. Have a method and apply it. Make sure to Review at the end of the day. At the end of the week. At the end of the month and adjust as needed

experiment -- try to make your own system

Trello & PostIt Notes -> Trello is where I get an overall view and organize everything. I then take the main task for the day and make postit notes to then keep me focused on one task at a time and only have one view of it. For my Trello To-Do board, it's arranged from left to right like this: Building > Done > Doing Now > To Do Today > To Do Tomorrow > To Do This Week > To Do Next Week > To Do This Month > To Do This Year

I like to use Trello, a typical Trello board for me looks a little something like....

Feature Idea > Promising Feature Idea > Backlog > Doing > Ready for QA > QA > Done

Got most of my personal tasks here in WIP. Things that need more elaborating (or notes for later) are in a Notion board.

Dev columns:
Backlog → This week → In progress → In review → Ready for testing → Ready for push → Deployed

General columns:
Idea → In progress → Done

WIP. I don't categorize them yet, things are either pending or done.

I use my own product: Amazing Marvin. I specifically built it for myself a while back because I did not like any of the solutions out there. And there are a lot! It's really about finding something that works for you. And everyone is different. Trying to find your perfect workflow is a journey. Just get started and iterate smartly (identifying what is not working and looking for solutions).

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