how long does it take you to launch your idea? From getting inspiration -> Launching

Depends on the complexity of the project and how much free time I have. But generally too long 😅️

How much is too long for you? 2 weeks? 😂

#screenhunt has been stuck in limbo for months now. If I took some time to actually sit down and finish what I have to finish then it could probably have been launched in November.

Initial version of #mj went from concept to launch in 48hrs. Next iteration of #mj was a week from concept to launch. This iteration of #mj... it's been many months because it's simply much much more complex and I have less time per week than before.

Takes me 2-3 months to get to a point where I feel comfortable launching 😨

Too long. Always too long.

First version of React+D3 was 3 to 4 weeks. Next version was 6 months. Current version was another 1 year or so. Now it needs more updates.

learnwhileyoupoop has been taking 2 months and I haven't even really gotten started yet.

The imgur blocker extension took 6 hours.

Ski Resort List was about 3 months from idea to launch but i took a big break over christmas. The simpler the project, the quicker you can launch. In future I would like to build an launch in a month

Everytime less and less. Use to be one year, then 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week.
It depends but now I aim for 1 week. Not anything high tech though mostly simple websites.

I depends. For projects without much complexity and a single platform I usually aim for 2-3 weeks but end up around 1 month :).

Too long. I can get a prototype / MVP/ MUP out very quickly (in a couple of days). Turning that into something that I can launch takes months and months. I am always tinkering with it, and never really launching. My biggest goal is thus to launch and in doing so, commit to that project for an extended period of time.

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