🤔 How to attract "sellers" with no traffic?

I'm building a real estate platform for a specific market that has no English speaking platform yet. I want realtors to publish their listings (for a fee) on my website but how do I convince them on my platform if it has no traffic yet? It's kind of like a chicken and egg problem. If there's no content, no one wants to visit. If there's no traffic, why should anyone pay to list?

Solution attempt/thinking process:
-Make it free for the first realtors.
-Charge them anyway because they can let their customers pay for the listing.

Or is there something I'm missing out completely? How did you face this problem?


The problem of marketplaces is a well known problem; there's definitely a lot of material you can find about it. I believe I remember that when I looked into it there was no single silver bullet strategy: it'll depend on the market which approach is right.

I'd go with:

  • free for realtors
  • you onboard them/you do all the work: make it as pain-free for them: only upside/no risk for them.

I'd also focus on a very very very small niche: probably a small neighborhood where there are really good chances of adoption on both sides of the market.

Good idea, I was thinking about doing an onboarding process for free where I do all the work for a limited amount of realtors/time. With that, they don't loose anything but only gain and I can build some reputation and traffic in the meantime.

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