How to on-board user with only email and payment info, without setting up a password?

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I'm not sure I understand the question, because the answer seems obvious to me. Just don't ask for a password.

If your question is about how to then give the customer access to their account with the ability to cancel their membership, etc, there's a few options. The simplest option is to generate a password for them. Just email it to them, and they can login.

A similar, but more secure approach is to send them a "magic link" that has a secret token in it, which acts as a password, but gets expired the moment it's used. So the magic link allows the user to sign in securely, but if somebody else later gets access to that link it no longer works.

The user would need to request a new magic link anytime they want to sign in.

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I setup magic link without any password and I think that's the best approach. No password to remember and it by default moves your emails to inbox if you are ending up in spam. No need for forgot/reset password and change password as well.

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One drawback of magic links to be aware of is that it can become quite cumbersome having to request a magic link each time. Especially for advanced users who would have otherwise just used a password manager that auto-fills their login information.

I'm actually considering adding a regular email/password login to WIP, in addition to magic links, because it's a lot more convenient for most of our users.

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Very good point. It never crossed my mind as still having gotten used to using password manager myself, though feel like its time but I can see the majority of people are already using password managers one way or another. Specially given that now iOS and Android both come with sort of built-in password managers.

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Thank you Marc, I saw few subscription model site that only asked the user for email/payment and creates an account for them. I wasn't sure how they did it. I really like the magic link solution :)