iOS devs - how do I refactor an existing table view controller as a table view in a single collection cell of a collection view? πŸ₯

You would need to create a custom CollectionViewCell that contains a TableView and then implement the delegate methods inside this CustomCollectionViewCell class. You can do this using Storyboards.

On another note... I would suggest you use IGListKit for complex CollectionViews :) It will make your life easier and will keep your app running smooth!!!

@avzquez thanks for that link to IGListKit I will check it out! So basically need to create a custom ViewCell and have it in charge of the data for that cell ... and pass it on to table?

Yes. Made some code you can use for reference.
<script src=""></script>

My bad haha... Here's the link πŸ‘πŸ»

FYI, Brian Voong's LBTA's tutorials are amazing to learn how to use CollectionViews and embedded CollectionViews. Available for free on YouTube!

@467911448 thanks! saw him! just his videos are so long so never gave him a shot. Will do now =)

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