Is it a good idea to pass email to Stripe payment if I know the email already or allow user to chose as he may want to enter other email?

I assume they will want to use the email they signed up for the site with to also do billing with.

True! But I saw couple of users who signed with different email for my service but were trying with their own email address fot stripe... so i removed it... if they want they can still enter the same email again in stripe box!

But the majority of your users now have to type their email in again to pay you. Optimize for lazy and let the unique request different when they need it.

Makes sense! Currently i have only one flow pass or dont pass email... i will add options for user to change email for payment if they want to else simply continue...

People typically use the same email for both, but bigger corporations might have a separate billing email address.

Iโ€™d personally go with using the same email everywhere since thatโ€™s the most common approach and thatโ€™s how itโ€™s expected to work by most users. The reason they might enter a different email address could be because they have different email addresses and mix them up. This can be quite confusing when they try to find an email receipt, or when you try to find a charge with the wrong email address.

So keep things simple, use the same email address everywhere, and if people start asking for a separate billing address investigate why and whether itโ€™s really something you need to support. And if you do whether it would be be part of an enterprise plan.

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