Looking for honest feedback on my landing page

Hey Makers 👋

I have almost finished a landing page for a product that I launch next week and I would love to have your quick (or extensive) feedback :)

Also if you understand the message clearly.

I’d love your criticism, so please have a play around with it!

Thank you very much!

PS : the video section is just a placeholder for now, still need to work on this

I understand the app, and it looks really useful. The site loads very, very slowly for me (maybe just me). It is lazy to load :) Looks like you have a couple of analytics programmes that might be slowing this down - although it loads very, very slowly.This advice might help with Happy to test later. Just ping me on Telegram

My first thoughts..
"hey this looks cool, I AM lazy.."
"Gosh another apple-only product.."
"Yeah, sure another domain-specific language to learn.."

So - to convince me (well you can't I don't use a mac ;P )
--> Convince me in the first 30-60 seconds on the page that I don't have to learn a new language or that learning will come naturally because.. or..

The app is brilliant 👌Love the concept & the video. Just load it faster as Ebrahim said :)

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