Looking for online spreadsheet with flexible permission / roles

Could someone advice some online tool where is possible to work in a spreadsheet to achieve the following goals:

  • Users should have access via link
  • Users can add own information but do not delete other information?
  • Users shouldn’t be able to delete other information or rows
  • Perfectly if they can add a new raws and add own information there


Probably Google Forms + Sheets. Maybe Airtable?

Hi Shridhar, thanks for your feedback. Google Sheets don't provide such kind of permissions, Airtable the same. But actually Google Forms can be a good solution for that, one thing that I thought to make that ability to see all the date for everyone. Seems only custom spreadsheet will help. But thanks in any case.

Yeah, I was going to suggest the same.

You can create read-only spreadsheet with a link to a Typeform that adds rows to that same spreadsheet.

Thanks Marc and Shridhar, I will definitely check this workaround

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