[Poll] Do you use the MVC pattern ? 👍👎

Kind of, with React + Unstated.

Nope, I use React + Apollo ( Write queries, not code ) & correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think its MVC pattern or is it?

I'm so confused 🤔

My V is React & M is where data lives which is apollo-link-state & C is my Apollo. So I guess its MVC then. Right, Pugson?

Yes. Spring MVC

Microservices with AWS Lambda, React, Unstated

fuck the outdated college education, software is moving much more faster than they could adapt to it - tldr: not any more

Nice! Thank you guys!
From now it means 80%👍 / 20%👎

API -> unstated -> components.. Dont know if that qualifies as MVC 😄

yes because I don't want to build my own architecture

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