Roast my new project πŸ‘‰ Reader Mode

Just getting ready to launch my next new project πŸ‘‰ Distraction-free Reader Mode with supports for dyslexics.

It'a a browser extension that removes clutters and ads from any articles and let you read in a clean, distraction-free β€œReader Mode”.

Feel free to roast the landing page or the extension itself as an idea/a product. I mostly worried about the copywriting, grammars, slogans and it’s sales pitch, and wondering what others might thing about these.

Thank you! πŸ€—

Hey Ryzal, this looks great! I'm OCD when it comes to my reading tools (sometimes I'll even copy-and-paste an ugly article into a text editor and then save it as a PDF just so it's more readable πŸ˜‚) and this looks like a great solution to that. Here's my feedback:

The main thing is that I'd love to have access to a live demo. For instance, you could create a standalone blog post and let people test it out for themselves. I just got this set up for my own Chrome extension and would be happy to share how – let me know if you want help! It's a lot easier than I assumed.

There are a few typos:

  • "Choose what you want to display on the reader by simple {simply} toggling them on or off"
  • "Remove any unwwanted {unwanted} texts, images and others by just clicking on them while you are in the deletion mode"
  • "Translate any text to any language with the Google Translate tool. Just select any texts {then} click translate, it's that easy!"
  • "Comes with word by word underlining so you can follow along of what's currently being spoken. Choose your favourite voice and configure the rate, picth {pitch} and volume"

This isn't part of the roast, but might be a good place to market this. One of their rules is "No unapproved commercial or self promoting adverts", but I feel like you could probably run this past the mods beforehand and get approved since you're (1) an indie dev, and (2) dyslexic support is literally in your tagline. They have about 7,000 members.

Other than that, I just want to compliment the design of the actual product. It's really pretty, and I love that you kept it simple! Good luck!

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