Roast my podcasting community landing page


I just launched a paid community for podcasters.

We have been running on a private-beta mode for about a month and 40 members.

We want to launch it next week on Product hunt so I need feedback on our website:

You're welcomed to roast it :)

software engineer building tools for communities
Mixedmedia & Multimedia Visual Artist who loves making digital stuff

Hello, Anna.

First, congratulations on your landing page.
It is clean looking site with a cute logo.

I just scanned the website, and here's my thought.

  1. It's unclear that why people need to choose Racoon aside from other podcast community? . What's the difference?
  2. How would the membership subscription improve my podcast? (it's also unclear for me but probably because I don't have one.)
  3. maybe first section is too much plain text. I gave up reading after 5 second.

With that said, it's my opinion after all. It looks good anyway. πŸ‘

If you want other's opinion, you can privately talk to @alexanderkluge He has roasted many landing pages.