Roast my startup: Useridea - Product management software

Cofounder & CTO at Nivoda

Hey Ruben,

Some feedback on the landing page:

  • "This is how it works" section => I would like to see images here of what each point looks like. Especially with a tool that I will be sharing with customers, it's extremely important how things look and work. The best thing you could do imo is prominently link to the live example of useridea ( this gives me the best idea out of anything of how this works
  • other than that I think you've done a great job on the amount of images / gifs showcasing how the product works

Some minor details:
- screenshots are not retina, they look a bit blurry to me, also the right screenshot is showing dutch language
- icons in the "meertalig" section are not rendering
- menu bar doesn't cover the full width of the screen, its allright but would be better if it does
- in the GDRP question, I would answer with Yes if you are GDPR compliant (from reading the answer it still isn't clear to me)
- "Five-minute installation" => I would turn this into something faster and not use the word installation, as it indicates that it requires some effort from me (I want it to be quick and working after I sign up!)

Future ideas:
- slack integration would be nice so that I can receive notifications of new requests in Slack (potentially through zapier?)

Hope it's helpful :)!