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Akshay Anand

For a project you're interested in and are following, what would you like to see in terms of progress?

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Daniel Meade

How important are session analytics?

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Jeff Maddux

Is anyone using Airtable Blocks embedded on a website?

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Jonny Platt

How do you configure your analytics to track both free trials and subscription goals?

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Piem GChaps

How to be SURE about your Google analytics setup?

Aditya Rao

Do you have trouble managing your calendar (like me?)

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Jon Stern

Would anyone like to try (for free) our omni-channel communications platform and give us feedback?

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How do i get notification from airtable when i get input.

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Peter Piper

Is paid advertising worth it for B2B on Twitter/FB? What are the best strategies?

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Any good analytics tool for page visits (near realtime)? (API)