Adriaan πŸ‡³πŸ‡± @ Amsterdam

Roast my product: Simple Analytics


Does exist an analytic tool that does not need to put GDRP banner and the cookies one?


Any good analytics services?

Zaheer Baloch

How can I track read time on a page?


What's your products north star metric?

Tammo Pape

Feedback aka roast my product

Akshay Anand

For a project you're interested in and are following, what would you like to see in terms of progress?

Daniel Meade

How important are session analytics?

Jeff Maddux

Is anyone using Airtable Blocks embedded on a website?

Jonny Platt

How do you configure your analytics to track both free trials and subscription goals?

Piem GChaps

How to be SURE about your Google analytics setup?

Aditya Rao

Do you have trouble managing your calendar (like me?)

Jon Stern

Would anyone like to try (for free) our omni-channel communications platform and give us feedback?


How do i get notification from airtable when i get input.

Peter Piper

Is paid advertising worth it for B2B on Twitter/FB? What are the best strategies?


Any good analytics tool for page visits (near realtime)? (API)