How to get Twitter accounts of different companies?


python question: how get output python subprocess ?ΒΏ

Alexey Shekhirin

Would you give some website listed on Product Hunt access to your Google Spreadsheets using oAuth?

Franz Peschel

REST or GraphQL?

Ernst Mulders

Onboarding order: ask first to link Twitter account, or ask for creditcard information?


What is the best API for Search feature on website?

Shaun F πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ—½

Are there alternatives to BulletTrain SaaS?

Knight Tan

What changelog / product update services you use especially if you have multiple product ?

Pat Walls

Is there an API that can get you follower counts based on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram handles?

Robert Hopman

How to get #backlinks automated on a list of urls?

Brahma Reddy Chilakala

What are the benefits of using OAuth providers compared to creating own login flow?


AdBlocker Plus is blocking my 'Sign in with Twitter' button , any advice?


What service do you use to resize/optimize images and why? What features would you want to see in a new provider?

Ronald Langeveld

Can I use the WIP API to authenticate WIP Members?


how to implement number of views for each item detail page?


How do i get notification from airtable when i get input.


Do you want simpler logs for AWS lambda?

Avi Aryan

What are good cross-platform languages/frameworks with excellent clipboard APIs?

Pug Pugson

Anyone got a nice page scraper API that works with single page apps and waits until they preload?

Ashish Kumar (Ashfame) 🐲

Do you think your product or upcoming idea can make use of a to-do list API?

Mahesh J

what is the most reliable and "easy to integrate with" API for getting currency exchange rates?


Any good analytics tool for page visits (near realtime)? (API)