Dev Ops

Harry Dry

why is my site slow? bundle size is small

Corey Gwin

Best way to queue or thread CPU intensive tasks so Node server doesn't crash?

Robert Hopman

battle tested dev tools

Harry Dry

I'm turning Yeezy.Dating into a React Native App. Help Please!


How to keep the current user logged in to site after deploying new build on Heroku?

Avi Aryan

I want to build an app. Should I just go with Firebase for the backend OR care making my own using Python/NodeJS etc...?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

When to use Servers & when to go Serverless ?

Andrew Schmelyun

Should I develop this idea as a SaaS app or standalone software?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

What do you use for Web Scraping?

Sebastian Kinz|inger

How would you setup a managable multipage setup with node/express?

Harry Dry

Had 100 people online. Then Server crashed. How to build a scalable webapp?

Harry Dry

Is something like Nginx / Reverse Proxy worth it in Node?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Cheap hosting solution for an Ecommerce Website made in PHP & MYSQL?

Harry Dry

how best to do messaging for my dating site?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Can we make a domain half static & half dynamic like `/blog` route all static & `/apps` route dynamic ?

Harry Dry

Best practice for adding "notifications" to a site?

Charlie Harrington

Best free tier for MVP: Heroku or AWS or GCP?

Ricardo Rojo

Do you know any tools for load testing web applications?


What sort of server logging do you do? How do you strike a balance between user privacy and improving your service?

Philip Karpiak

What to do with extra VPS horsepower?

JoΓ£o Antunes

Any developers and devops willing to be mentors for ? LMK