Email Marketing

Corey Gwin

Any good resources for templating or styling emails sent through Sendgrid?

Avi Aryan

How to add email subscribe form on website for Sendgrid?

Lenilson DeSantis πŸš€

What’s a good platform to manage and send cold emails + follow ups?


is considered 'disrespectful' if I send e-mails to companies about my products?

Charlie Harrington

Which email / newsletter service for personal blog?

Simon Robic

What do you think about my last product update?

Patrick Loonstra

Who is running a newsletter as a product? And how do you grow your list?

Shabrina Koeswologito

How do you build email lists for a startup in sex and wellness industry? it's not a tech product and not a sex toy. Thank you!

Pug Pugson

Best Mailchimp alternatives for capturing leads in a mailing list?