Interaction Design

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Shaun F 🇺🇸🗽

What is the quickest way to jump to mostly functional iOS ecommerce app (With a good design) that sold like 10 things max?

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Marc Köhlbrugge

Any examples of "Find or create" input fields?

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Wojciech Gabryś

Payment during signup process or just before using the key feature?

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Charlie Harrington

Anyone have example "style guides" for a website / brand? (e.g. logo guidelines, icon set, typography, etc)

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Pat Walls

From a UX/design perspective, what are some alternatives to having a popup/modal for email opt-in?

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Pug Pugson

How would you rather rate your overall experience of something?

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Marc Köhlbrugge

I’m redesigning the #wip header navigation. Any requests or suggestions apart from making the logo clickable?