Manuel Frigerio

SaaS founders Survey 2018

Yuko Fukushima

What is the best way to repost Instagram contents to Twitter?

Marc Köhlbrugge

How should I grow #faces?

Manuel Frigerio

I need some feedback on a landing page. Anyone want to rip it apart?

Harry Dry

Dating app for hip hop fans. Here's our genius marketing strategy. Critique please!

Marc Köhlbrugge

Any ideas to grow Caption Cat's audience? #captioncat

Aidan Wolf

What advice do you have for planning the launch of a consumer app?

Matt Ellsworth

Has anyone used Product Hunt's Ship with success?

Lenilson DeSantis 🚀

What’s a good platform to manage and send cold emails + follow ups?

Tammo Pape

Feedback aka roast my product


is considered 'disrespectful' if I send e-mails to companies about my products?

Daniel da Rocha

How do you deal with your Twitter account(s)?


Does anyone use a "Marketing Dashboard"?

Marcos Sorribas

Show WIP: Instagram difference between video post and pic post

Andrew Schmelyun

How do you populate a job board with postings when you're just starting out?

Lenilson DeSantis 🚀

Where can I find the best resources to learn marketing for corporate SaaS?

Deniz Gençtürk

What is the best way of promoting your upcoming project on Product Hunt?

Andrew Schmelyun

Private beta or no private beta, how do you decide?

Jonny Platt

How do you configure your analytics to track both free trials and subscription goals?

Daniel Meade

Should I change my product name?

Avi Aryan

Questions on getting started with domain flipping

Max Makarochkin

What topics should @blinkloader tweet about?

Simon Robic

What would you change on this landing page?

Ethan Harris

What are the best ways to build in public?

Ken Wallace

Can you think of any web apps that require a credit card during signup when creating a new account?