Personal Development

Lars Janssen

Should my new saas app have a cookie popup?


Are there people in WIP that give IRL classes or courses, workshops & events?

Andrew Schmelyun

How do you prioritize your time to get stuff done?

Andrew Schmelyun

What should I build next?

Sarup Banskota

What can help parents become more tech-savvy?

Melissa Marijnen

Which soft skills are essential as a developer for your success?

Logan Honeycutt

how do you avoid and fight analysis paralysis/over planning/perfectionism/etc?

Max Makarochkin

What topics should @blinkloader tweet about?


Would you guys keep a journal/blog about your projects?

Ken Wallace

How do you force yourself to press ahead when you meet resistance?

Avi Aryan

Share one really good habit of yours