Planning the next product

L ....

Like building single web page apps? Try this one amigos for a first react dev expz.


Asking for input about how you deal with new releases

Sarup Banskota

Compose Mail from Mac Menu


How to monetize our first project


Should I launch ASAP or migrate to another database?

Nicky Hajal

What if WIP had real-time work sessions?

β†’ Dave

Are there people in WIP that give IRL classes or courses, workshops & events?

Tony Tong

How to make custom domain email's ( profile image appear when sending emails?

Albert Abril

What is your desktop monitor set for programming?

Jurn W users: how is your workspace structured?

Ricardo Rojo

What steps you follow before deciding to launch a project or application?

Andrew Schmelyun

How do you prioritize your time to get stuff done?

Andrew Schmelyun

What should I build next?

Melissa Marijnen

Which soft skills are essential as a developer for your success?

Ben Tossell

What are your top struggles to launching a side-project?

Pug Pugson

Anybody wanna beta test my new product for public roadmaps?

Logan Honeycutt

how do you avoid and fight analysis paralysis/over planning/perfectionism/etc?

Lenilson Dos Santos πŸš€

What's the best book about focus, concentration and flow that you can recommend?

Joel Baudin

What services would you like to connect to WIP todos?

Aditya Rao

Do you have trouble managing your calendar (like me?)


Do you learn coding or new things other than English? If yes, in which language do you learn? e.g. Spanish, French etc.

Harry Dry

Got a database of 10,000 emails. What's the best way to send all these people emails?

Ken Wallace

How do you force yourself to press ahead when you meet resistance?

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

How do you deal with an overload of DM’s in Telegram?