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Andrew Schmelyun

What should I build next?

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Melissa Marijnen

Which soft skills are essential as a developer for your success?

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Ben Tossell

What are your top struggles to launching a side-project?

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Pug Pugson

Anybody wanna beta test my new product for public roadmaps?

D73d82e3f8bcb4a49e170258484baf1a.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Logan Honeycutt

how do you avoid and fight analysis paralysis/over planning/perfectionism/etc?

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Lenilson DeSantis 🚀

What's the best book about focus, concentration and flow that you can recommend?

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Joel Baudin

What services would you like to connect to WIP todos?

Aditya Rao

Do you have trouble managing your calendar (like me?)

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Do you learn coding or new things other than English? If yes, in which language do you learn? e.g. Spanish, French etc.

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Harry Dry

easiest way to email 400 people

Dfa63cbb93b6fd55367087880a8489c2.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Ken Wallace

How do you force yourself to press ahead when you meet resistance?

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Marc Köhlbrugge

How do you deal with an overload of DM’s in Telegram?

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Jens Neuhaus

Where do you all keep your notes, project concepts, screenshots or other digital assets?


what do you use for organizing the projects you have and the project themselves?