How to monetize our first project

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

How do you make your logos unique?

Ricardo Rojo

What steps you follow before deciding to launch a project or application?


How do you find beta testers?

Andrew Schmelyun

Private beta or no private beta, how do you decide?

Charlie Harrington

Best free tier for MVP: Heroku or AWS or GCP?

Pat Walls

what's the easiest way to make a landing page with a fake "buy" button? Is there any tools out there?

Eric Lima

Have you used Webflow, and if so, what do you think about it and what have you used it for?

Samarth Jajoo

What's a great css framework that doesn't require me spending hours to make something look decent?

Imi Borbas

How do I decide if an idea is worth prototyping?