Lenilson Dos Santos πŸš€

What's the best book about focus, concentration and flow that you can recommend?

Daniel Meade

Should I change my product name?


Do you learn coding or new things other than English? If yes, in which language do you learn? e.g. Spanish, French etc.

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

What if rather than losing your streak count during an off-day, it drops by 1 (or more) ? #wip

Ken Wallace

How do you force yourself to press ahead when you meet resistance?

Joel Baudin

For all you shippers that are parents: how do you structure your days?

Swizec Teller

With daily shipping does it ever feel like you're just making changes becase you have time and have to keep busy?

Ashish Kumar (Ashfame) 🐲

What mistakes do you find yourself committing over & over?

Avi Aryan

Share one really good habit of yours

Amrith Shanbhag

how does Elon's mind work?

Richard Blechinger

How do you de-stress when everything is wild and you have to juggle all the responsibilities?

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

How do you set goals for yourself and/or products? #wip

Ronald Langeveld

How do you get over a programming block?


How do you deal with programming burnout?