Planning the next product

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

How should I grow #faces?

Rik Schennink

What chat service to use on product site?

Lenilson Dos Santos πŸš€

What’s a good platform to manage and send cold emails + follow ups?

Wilbert Liu

Does anyone have experience selling Mac apps?

Lenilson Dos Santos πŸš€

Where can I find the best resources to learn marketing for corporate SaaS?

Sarup Banskota

How else could I reposition museum inventory mgmt software?

Deniz Gençtürk

How to keep high engagement and high quality content in group chats with growing communities?

Csaba Menyhart

Anyone sold pre-orders for native Mac or Win app before it's released? Does it works?

Jon Stern

Would anyone like to try (for free) our omni-channel communications platform and give us feedback?

Julien Hany

Marketplace to hire sales agents

Ken Wallace

Can you think of any web apps that require a credit card during signup when creating a new account?

Ricardo Rojo

How do handle VAT for European and not European clients? Do you use any tools?

Ryzal Yusoff

Should I charge my members in ($)Dollar or in (Β£)Pound?


What are some sales techniques do you use for your projects?