Yuko Fukushima

Is it possible to receive encrypted notifications from Wordpress?

Ronald Langeveld

Are Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policies really required?

Alex Kluew

Are there any security implications around magic link/passwordless apps?

Franz Peschel

Any good source of how to make a site GDPR compliant?

Franz Peschel

Any recommendations for a cross-platform team password manager?

Ishmael 'Hans' Desjarlais

So you can't use SSL with Varnish?

Shaked Klein Orbach πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ

as a maker, how do you make sure your products are secured? Do you do any security checks once in awhile?


what tools/processes do you currently use to ensure your apps are secure / when you are actually running in production?


is security an active concern in the web apps you deploy, or an after thought?


Your favorite VPN provider?

JoΓ£o Antunes

Any developers and devops willing to be mentors for ? LMK