Yuko Fukushima

Is it possible to receive encrypted notifications from Wordpress?

Ronald Langeveld

Are Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policies really required?

Alex Kluew

Are there any security implications around magic link/passwordless apps?

Franz Peschel

Any good source of how to make a site GDPR compliant?

Franz Peschel

Any recommendations for a cross-platform team password manager?

Ishmael 'Hans' Desjarlais

So you can't use SSL with Varnish?

Shaked Klein Orbach ๐Ÿคธโ€โ™‚๏ธ

as a maker, how do you make sure your products are secured? Do you do any security checks once in awhile?


what tools/processes do you currently use to ensure your apps are secure / when you are actually running in production?


is security an active concern in the web apps you deploy, or an after thought?


Your favorite VPN provider?

Joรฃo Antunes

Any developers and devops willing to be mentors for ? LMK