Would you be interested in a changelog widget for your product, based on your WIP.chat completed todos?

Quang Van

Twitter roll

Quang Van

Is there a way to add WIP task with webapp?

Manuel Frigerio

What in-app tool to announce new features/product updates do you use and why?

Armin Ulrich

Can you point me to WIP members who built stuff using React.js?

Marc Köhlbrugge

What’s the best URL structure for WIP Questions? #wip


Is there a 'search box' or something to surf questions in WIP?

Marc Köhlbrugge

Would you sign up for a weekly WIP email digest? #wip

Andrew Raynes

I changed my Telegram username, but it's not updated here. Is it possible to update here?

Marcos Sorribas

How to attach a image to a product status update?

Marc Köhlbrugge

Do you read people’s completed todo’s on the WIP website frontpage? #wip

Matt Ellsworth

Can we tag other people's products in our own posts?

Brian Ball

Does anybody in wip.chat need a Telegram bot built?

Daniel Meade

WIP Request for feature - Patreon for makers

Miguel Piedrafita

How can I create a finished todo via the API?

Andrew Schmelyun

I became a patron under the wrong account, how can I change that?

Mahesh J

Is it possible to archive/hide a project from my profile?

Charlie Harrington

How do I update my WIP profile blurb?

Adil Alimbetov

How do I ask a question?