Alex Kluew

Anyone wanna group live stream diablo 3 hardcore season opener this weekend with me?

Manuel Frigerio

Where can I find profitable SaaS businesses on sale?

Pete Codes

anyone want to pay for an advert in the first #nomadflights newsletter?


Do you communicate to your customers that you're an indie business and how do you do so?

Ang J

What are your favorite Sublime packages?

Zaheer Baloch

Do you work in teams that have full-time scrum masters?

Logan Honeycutt

I am looking for a tool to embed curated content (something like or, any suggestions?

Logan Honeycutt

How could I stop an Airtable iframe from keeping where I last scrolled to in memory?

Cam Adair 🎮🚫

Anyone have experience creating a Wordpress Frontend User Profile?

Zaheer Baloch

What are the salaries of a Scrum Master that you have seen in your teams if one existed for your team?

Yuko Fukushima

Is it possible to receive encrypted notifications from Wordpress?

Logan Honeycutt

should i use WP multi site when building with two themes and sub domains or seperate them?

Alex Kluew

Are there unjquery editors or tools? Paste and replace old jquery with vanilla?

Harry Dry

Trying to recreate Medium's Fade In / Out Fixed "Applause" Effect. (Javascript Help) Stuck

Aidan Wolf

What advice do you have for planning the launch of a consumer app?

Marc Köhlbrugge

How do you manage AWS S3 API keys for different products?

Avi Aryan

How to add email subscribe form on website for Sendgrid?


What's your products north star metric?

Gareth Bedford

Is there an app to manage a bluetooth device (ie. headphones) across 2 or more sources (ie. laptop, phone, & tablet)


Is there is a socket API or similar that will allow me to retrieve real time updates from Shopify? I need live quantity updates in my store.

Kaspar Püüding

Is affiliate marketing for paid app store apps common?

Swizec Teller

Learn While You Poop Series 2 has a buffer of 3 episodes now. Should I start publishing Friday morning in SF, or wait until Monday?

Daniel Meade

Anyone built a product for crowdsourcing data yet?

Robert Hopman

Which websites are similar to

Robert Hopman

How to get #backlinks automated on a list of urls?