What are your top entrepreneurial podcasts?

I've been liking these ones best lately:

  • Kalzumeus Podcast (Patrick McKenzie)
  • Build Your SaaS (Justin Jackson / Jon Buda)
  • The Indie Hackers Podcast (Courtland Allen)
  • The Kevin Rose Show (Kevin Rose)

Oh and I listen to them all on Breaker. Anyone else on there? I'm!

Right now I'm mainly listening to:
Startups for the rest of us
Rogue Startups
Art of Product is new to me and quite enjoying it
UI Breakfast depending on the guest
Early Stage Founder looks interesting, but I can't remember having listened to it yet!

Though to be honest while I really enjoy podcasts I find I want to concentrate on them, so with no commute etc it's quite hard to find the time!

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
The SaaS Revolution Show

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