What in-app tool to announce new features/product updates do you use and why?

Hey guys, doing some user research. Does any of you use products like Headway or Beamer to announce new features/updates/changelog/etc?

What do you like like/dislike about them?
What do you think could be 5X better?

I use Headway for some projects.

šŸ‘ I like:

  • Markdown support
  • simple edition UI
  • good looking embedded widget

šŸ‘Ž I don't like:

  • hard to use a custom button/badge position for the widget (require a lot of CSS tricks)
  • impossible to show a full screen popup for a big feature release

Thanks Blaked for the comment!
What about engagement? Would like to know how many people take action (eg: use a feature announced)?


Analytics would be nice for:

  • widget opening
  • details expansion on a feature
  • links

But I think it is relevant only if these analytics could be integrated with the one used for the product (GA, Mixpanel,...)

I built my own - it's a pretty simple implementation but I'm not sure I need anything more, for announcements an email gets sent out and pretty soon will have an accompanying blog.

Thanks Daniel. Is Ella a SaaS? How do you go about notifying users of new features and then track subsequent features adoption?

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