What is the habit or process that helps you find online insights and hacks for your work?

Do you stumble upon it in groups or in social media / or do you regularly check some sites or?

It's usually something where I see someone else work (IRL or screencast) and be like "hey that's an interesting technique!"

what about reading stuff for inspiration (apart from wipchat obviously!)?

I'm not sure I read much for inspiration. If I notice something specific is inefficient or boring, I go look for better ways of doing that specific thing. I don't read generic lifehack articles, etc.

Just being there in lots of groups ( or or or or active on Social Media (I know it's time-consuming but u learn lots).

So nowadays I block every social site & app from 9:00 am until 8-13 hours later using Self Control & Hey Focus & later on I read the conversations for probably half an hour at night while I feel like sleeping.

This blog has some apps like above for your particular OS & also some tips on being productive while working -

Awesomde, thanks. I am just now dipping my feet in all the magic that is Telegram groups!

Yep since you are new, I linked to all those groups :)

Ohh & here's a special one, particularly for women πŸ‘‰

I regularly check sites. I read hacker News daily, I browse Collect UI for design inspirations, I also browse dribble for design also and I follow some specific people on twitter

DuckDuckGo on acid. Become the vessel and the universe will spell out the search queries for you, leading you to resources that could be helpful to you on your path. Call it intuition... I've stumbled upon many nuggets this way.

Podcasts! There are lots in the webdev arena (SyntaxFM, Design Details come to mind) and niche ones for several other industries.

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