What services would you like to connect to WIP todos? ( was launched today and currently supports connections to Github. But I'm curious what other services would be interesting? I've been looking into Trello and got a request for GitLab so those are in the works.

Hey Joel, I would like to have Wanderlist integration. So I could add tasks to the specific directory and have them automatically synced with WIP. And definitely a slack bot. Great idea, by the way!

Thank you!
Will have a look at Wanderlist and what’s possible πŸ‘πŸΌ
What kind of Slack bot would you like?

Something similar to wipbot, but just for adding tasks, probably: "/done", "/add". Additionally, I'd like to get WIP notifications to a Slack channel, if I am mentioned. My teammates would be happy to read feedback too. When I add new tasks or mark something as done, there should be a notification in the same Slack channel. That would be awesome. Thanks, Joel!

Telegram bot πŸ›₯

I’m not sure I understand. How would it differ from @wipbot ?

Some previous requests I got include Trello and Todoist.

+1 for Todoist

Joel I don't know how familiar you are with Todoist, but if you end up working on it, it would be nice if you could hook up a specific Project to WIP

I have no experience with it but it makes perfect sense, translates to Github repo => WIP product.

Current summary:
Trello: 3 πŸ‘ βœ…
Todoist: 3 πŸ‘
Things: 2 πŸ‘
Wanderlist: 1 πŸ‘
Gitlab: 1 πŸ‘

Hey guys! Trello integration is now live on

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