Which email marketing service provider allows you to send emails with a personalized FROM senderโ€™s name, individual for the recipient?

Basically aliases of the same email address but with personalization depending on the name of the recipient's first name.

For example, "McDonaldโ€™s is loving you, Gregor" or "McDonaldโ€™s is loving you, Hillary"

Last time I used MailChimp they had support for this.

That would be fantastic! And just today did I sign up for a new Mailchimp account. Iโ€™ll check and report back on what I can find.

This functionality is very important to me and an educational side project of mine.

Thanks @Jeff!

Mailchimp is great for this. Just remember to set fallback/default values for name.

Great tip @EbrahimKhalilHassen - will do ๐Ÿ™

Follow-up @jefftriplett: because I received the confirmation for the Mailchimp support and I tried it myself.

My question was: Can I include a merge tag in the from name field? For example: Could I write: I appreciate you, |FNAME|?

The answer is: NO you cannot include a merge tag but you can edit the from name or from email address for an email campaign and individualize it this way.

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