✉️ which transactional email delivery service are you using and/or would you suggest?

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I use SendGrid. You can get ~$10,000 in credits through WIP deals.

I chose it for pricing, deliverability, and customer support.

We have it integrated into the WIP codebase. So any email we want to be set requires us to code it up first is. If you need automation you could look at something like Intercom which we use for BetaList. It saves you a lot of coding, but is quite expensive.

Userlist seems like a more affordable alternative. There's a quite a bunch of similar software out there.

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I use Sendgrid too for RoleUp. It's highly flexible (I have applied to the deal 🤞)

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I use Mailgun. But how could I miss the WIP deal for SendGrid😂

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

We only added it like a week ago :)

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I will make sure my next project will not miss this great deal 😄

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I've used Mailgun and SendGrid. Mailgun is really cheap but I've seen some problems with emails being marked as spam. Sendgrid is nice, but more expensive.

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Sendgrid it is for me.