Miguel Piedrafita

Roast my landing page: Maker Army


10X Goals For the New Year?

Gijs Heerkens

whatโ€™s the best way to make a widget like wipโ€™s maker widget? /cc @marckohlbrugge

Swizec Teller

Should I write a How to move to San Francisco guide book thing?

Ross Kinkade

Should I ask makers if they want to be listed in a resource database, or should I just list them and tell them later?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Do you know any mobile app that records slow-motion videos?

Ang J

what r some growth hacks on growing a community around ur app

Ang J

what is the simplest way to create a maps mvp with rails and mapbox?

Ernst Mulders

Onboarding order: ask first to link Twitter account, or ask for creditcard information?

Pete "jajaja" Codes

any tips on launching on Reddit? Can i post the same thing on various different subs?


What product/service of yours can I buy for $1?


Where would you advertise to target digital ads to college students?

Sven van der Zee

what are the best sticker printing companies around that also ship to South America!

Marc Kรถhlbrugge

How do you store and manage your API keys?


Trying to determine tax liability in the US with Delaware LLC

Austin Grandt

Have you ever done drip email campaigns with sendgrid?

Dante Lex

how do you come up with startup or product names


Simple Question... How do you change my photo?

Marc Kรถhlbrugge

What are your favorite, creative domain names?

Pete "jajaja" Codes

Roast my idea/website: like Scott's Cheap Flights but for train tickets: www.petescheaptrains.com

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

Anyway to login to multiple Slack groups from website just like it shows on Desktop App?


OPENVPN with DigitalOcean?

Manuel Frigerio

SaaS founders Survey 2018

Alex Kluew

anyone running gotrue from netlify? Anything against it?

Akshay Kadam (A2K)

How do you read books? 1 page each day or start to end if its interesting enough?