Tony Tong

Is there a way to change our profile image here on WIP?

Alex Kluew

best way for voice to text? (Personal voice notes that I make on iOS)

Marc Köhlbrugge

Should product hashtags be unique? #wip

Fredrik Aurdal

Any new ideas for WIP stickers?

Pete Codes

Does anyone want their face featured on a spoof Nomad Fights website?

Knight Tan

What changelog / product update services you use especially if you have multiple product ?


Experiences with BetaList?


Can you attach a deadline to a /todo ?

Bharathi P

Paddle stopped supporting my site and suspended my account. Should I go for Stripe Atlas?


App for writing down ideas


Anyone in WIP using a YouTube channel to get leads for their business?

Zaheer Baloch

Do you work in teams that have full-time scrum masters?

Logan Honeycutt

I am looking for a tool to embed curated content (something like or, any suggestions?

Swizec Teller

What's a good place to buy a landing page design?

Shaked Klein Orbach 🤸‍♂️

what would be a recommended infinite scrolling package (vanilla javascript)?


How to get Twitter username if it's owned by someone?

Austin Grandt

what tools do you use for making animation / explainer videos?

Ang J

Opening a playlist thread when. What songs do you listen too when you ship? 😁

Logan Honeycutt

How could I stop an Airtable iframe from keeping where I last scrolled to in memory?

Zaheer Baloch

How can I track read time on a page?

Cam Adair 🎮🚫

Anyone have experience creating a Wordpress Frontend User Profile?

Ang J

What is the 👻 sign for and how do you get it?

Yuko Fukushima

Is there any way to open US bank for non-US residents?

Ang J

is there an alternative to revolut for US peeps?

Zaheer Baloch

What are the salaries of a Scrum Master that you have seen in your teams if one existed for your team?