Swizec Teller

Should I buy a shortened version of learnwhileyoupoop.com? lwyp.tv or something

Nick Nish

Why is the Shippening a static time? Why can't we set it to something else?

Shaked Klein Orbach 🤸‍♂️

where do I get a good and trusted HTTP proxy list?

Brahma Reddy Chilakala

What are some good email address validation npm libraries?

Marc Köhlbrugge

Do you keep track of 404 errors?

Alex Kluew

Elasticsearch? Hadoop? Other? to parse news articles against objects and their meta data (~5000 ish atm)?

Avi Aryan

Do you have experience of getting sales from Gumroad's discover page?

Jonathan Pepin

What's your favorite a/b-testing platform?

Filip Triner

What are your top entrepreneurial podcasts?

Pete Codes

what's the best youtube series for learning about SEO, digital marketing etc


Anyone knows free email hosting options that allow custom domains?

Harry Dry

How to grow a blog?

Lenilson DeSantis 🚀

What’s a good platform to manage and send cold emails + follow ups?

Daniel C

Any makers here who want to meet up weekly in Amsterdam at a coffeeshop or libary to work together(not on the same project, necessarily)

Gareth Bedford

Is there an app to manage a bluetooth device (ie. headphones) across 2 or more sources (ie. laptop, phone, & tablet)

Zaheer Baloch

What is Medium’s formula to distribute revenue to writers and how much they keep for themselves?


Is there is a socket API or similar that will allow me to retrieve real time updates from Shopify? I need live quantity updates in my store.

Brahma Reddy Chilakala

What are the best hosting services for React, Node and Mongo based applications?

Quang Van

Is there a way to add WIP task with webapp?

Kaspar Püüding

Is affiliate marketing for paid app store apps common?

Swizec Teller

Learn While You Poop Series 2 has a buffer of 3 episodes now. Should I start publishing Friday morning in SF, or wait until Monday?

Harry Dry

am i using react wrong?

Pete Codes

made four sales of intern job ads at £30. It's pretty cheap and I'm going to get some publicity soon. Increase to £50?

Tammo Pape

Feedback aka roast my product


is considered 'disrespectful' if I send e-mails to companies about my products?